Do Tango dancers attract women

Do tango dancers attract women? Who knows...

Do tango dancers attract women? Who knows…

Do Tango dancers attract women?


According to the opinion of many women they do.

That is if they are real good dancers.

Being a good dancer in Argentine Tango yet doesn´t mean to be one who shows off performing all kind of complicated sequences of steps and using the woman he dances with as a mere decoration.

A really good dancer is a sensitive person who feels what his dance partner wants and tries to make her feel good and at her ease.

If you talk to old argentine tango dancers who still have experienced the “Golden Age” of Tango in the fourties of the twentieth century, they will tell you, that all women were considered “queens” of the dance floor and were treated with utmost respect.

Actually that respect was a consequence of the early days of tango. Among the immigrants to Argentina and particularly at the big melting pot Buenos Aires there was a terrible lack of women and only good dancers had a chance to get a dance or maybe more than that.

Indeed it was a common thing that men used to practice together to impress the ladies on the dance floor. The beginners were usually dancing the womens part thus getting an excellent understanding of what women liked and needed (at least at dancing tango).

Dancing in the milongas of course, men took the leading role (though instead of “leading” I prefer rather the term “invitation” which describes better what good tango dancers do while they are dancing). 

Dancers had to be clear with their lead, showing the directions they wanted the women to go and at the same time protecting her and their common dancing space against all the other couples on the dance floor (that of course in a very elegant and civilized manner).

Of course a good tango dancer has to dance to the music and will try to interpret it, which means he has to listen.

Argentine Tango therefore is rather a dance for listeners than for talkers.  That means, a good tango dancer is also a good listener, something most women undoubtedly appreciate.

You could describe a good tango dancer as a soft, sensitive, listening macho. A mixture which obviously appeals to many women on and off the dance floor.

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