Don´t Lead, Seduce

Celine Ruiz and Damian Rosenthal, pure seduction

Celine Ruiz and Damian Rosenthal, pure seduction

In Argentine Tango as in many other dances people talk a lot about leading and following. The common approach is that there are “leaders” and “followers”.

However, I am not so lucky with these terms.

I prefer to speak of inviting the lady (or what ever dance partner you have) to do something, to take a step, to do a spin or simply to wait for some moments in my embrace listening to the music.

Thinking in terms of inviting someone, making a proposal (which may be accepted or not) makes dancing more open, less hierarchic and more playful.

Thinking this way also helps to be more attent to the signals and proposals the lady sends. Those signals are easily missed when the man concentrates to much on “leading”.

That´s why I strongly encourage gentlemen to forget about “leading” but rather to think of inviting their ladies, to make gentle but clearly understandable proposals which the ladies can´t  (and most probably do not want to) refuse, and why not, try to seduce them to go where you like them to go.

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