My Tango lessons: Gentlemen, resist the temptation

Männer, widersteht der Versuchung

Gentlemen, resist the temptation to demonstrate how many fancy figures you can (or cannot) perform on a crowded dance floor.

Believe me there is no lady going to complain about you performing too few figures and sequences if you only…,

…well, if you only dance nicely with the music.

Most women love this waaaay better than stressful acrobatic exercises, which have nothing to do with the music.

And… I know not one single women who loves to dance with a man who makes her permanently collide with the other couples on the dance floor.

Okay, so now you know, even when temptation seems to become overwhelming…:-)

About Wolfgang Sandt

Mostly nice, patient, humorous, ecoconscious, good tango dancer and tango teacher
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