New Year Charity – Go for a Tango holiday and help “Doctors without Borders”

Villa La Rogaia, renowned organizer of Tango holidays in Italy has started a New Year charity fundraising to help „Doctors without Borders“

Tango holiday 2012, Enjoy aTango holiday in Italy and help "Doctors without Borders", photo: rogaia

Tango holiday 2012, Enjoy aTango holiday in Italy and help "Doctors without Borders", photo: rogaia

If you plan to go for a Tango holiday in 2012 you can combine your Tango holiday with supporting „Doctors without Borders“. The best thing about it: you won´t pay a cent more for your Tango holiday.

Discover how it works.

Dear friends of La Rogaia,

sometimes we happen to do a bigger favour to one or the other of our guests, arrange something special or give a trial course in Argentine Tango or stone sculpting.

When our guests offer us a payment in return In this cases we often refuse to accept money but suggest to our guests to make a donation to ”Doctors without Borders” instead.

We highly estimate the work of „Doctors without Borders“and have been supporting them for many years.

Yet we would like to do a lot more.

Therefore we´ve decided, to suggest to you the following.

From every booking you  make for a tango holiday in La Rogaia until January 31, 2012, we give 5 percent of the money we receive*  as a donation to”Doctors without Borders”

For you nothing changes. Neither do you have any additional cost (You really don´t pay a single cent more for your Tango holiday), nor do you have any work.

The only action you need to take is making your booking for your Tango holiday until January 31, 2012.

La Rogaia will deduct the amount of 5 percent from the participation fee for your Tango holiday and give it to ”Doctors without Borders”

We  would be very happy if you would help us to make a real big donation to ”Doctors without Borders”.

We wish you nice, relaxing holidays and a Happy New Year.

With kind regards

Annette Greifenhagen and Wolfgang Sandt




If you don´t know”Doctors without Borders”you can find information about ”Doctors without Borders”clicking the link below.



*Please understand we have to deduct the fee for the instructors of your Tango holiday from the total sum, as we cannot oblige them to participate in the fundraising










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