So beautiful it makes you cry

Céline and Damián, dancing so beautifully it makes you cry

Céline and Damián, dancing so beautifully it makes you cry

Normally it doesn´t happen to me that I am touched so profoundly by something that I have to tell it to the whole world immediately.

But last night here we saw something that I really have to share with you…

Last week we had here at La Rogaia a master class with Céline Ruiz and Damián Rosenthal. A great, really demanding workshop.

As always we had a farewell party. Anything the way we have it always at  La Rogaia so far…

But then it happened!

It was already fairly late when Céline and Damián got to the dancefloor asked for our attention smiling slyly and started to dance.

Well, you have to know that they had already presented a magnificient show at our big gala evening at Perugia

But what we where allowed to see last night in the intimate atmosphere of our comparatively small dance studio left us speechless.

It really took some time before somebody was able to speak  again, but finally one of our participants brought it to the point.

“It´s so beautiful it makes you cry”

Yeah, it was exactly like this. Something very, very special. And the icing on the cake was that our small group was among the privileged who had seen for the first time in a kind of unofficial anteprima parts of the first tango theatre play of Céline and Damián.

If the whole play is as fantastic as the small part of it we were allowed to see, and I do not have the least doubt that it will be, I strongly recommend to everybody to go and see it.

The small problem yet is that you have to go to Paris to see it (Not so bad actually…)

More information and reservations you can get here.

ré or at

Our best wishes to Céline and Damián and we hope that their play will have the success it deserves.

P.S. almost forgot,.  The name of their play is

„Tango Pulsacion n°1“ and it´s not the usual tango show but a  real theatre play  (with and about Tango of course).

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