Stillness in movement

Stillness in movement. The paradox of Argentine tango

You have to be Argentine to understand tango music! Right?


If you´re looking for an expert for tango music listen to Steve Morrall.

If you have already some experience in dancing Argentine tango you might like to read Steve Morrall´s article “Stillness in movement”.

Steve Morrall at Villa La Rogaia

Steve Morrall at Villa La Rogaia, Photo: Thomas May

Steve is a tango teacher and musician, whith an almost infinite knowledge about musicality in playing and dancing tango. He teaches how to significantly improve your dancing becoming a dancer who really listens to the music and to bring it from your ears right into your legs.

If you want to become a better tango dancer take my advice.

Click here to read Steve´s article! Stillness in movement


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