Tango and Parkinson

Tango and Parkinson

Today it is widely known that dancing Argentine Tango has significant health benefits.

Researchers of the McGill University and Montreal Neurological Institute found that not only did dancing Argentine Tango help to overcome physical problems like tremors and such difficulties such as depression, but that Argentine tango also had a number of psychological benefits for those undergoing treatment.

Particularly helpful Tango seems to be in fighting Parkinson´s disease. I was really surprised how much can be found about it in the internet.

Something that touched me very much is the film “Dancing with Parkinson’s” by Marie Vejvodova, about the writer and tango dancer Kate Swindlehurst.

In my eyes this short film is very comforting and encouraging.

Go ahead and take a look. It´s well worth watching it

If you want to know more about Kate Swindlehurst her story and her stories go to KateSwindlehurst.Com


And here another video about Argentine Tango and Parkinson you might be interested in.

When I did social service instead of going to the military I also had the opportunity to work with Parkinson patients. Some of the things I had to do was throwing rubber balls towards them they were supposed to catch and throw back. Unfortunately often the ball hit them on the head when they couldn´t react fast enough. To my surprise they liked it in spite of some light collateral damage.

Yet I think the Tango therapy method is way more elegant and agreeable.

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