Tango Concert with the Esteban Morgado Cuarteto at Castello dell´Oscano in Perugia

Last night the Perugian Tango community experienced one of the highlights of the year.

The tango association El Bandoneon had succeeded in bringing the Esteban Morgado Cuarteto to Perugia (and I know how much work and passion they met to achieve this).

To an orchestra of this calibre, they have been nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for the best Tango CD, of course everybody came  who is interested in Tango in Perugia…

It ´s understood that there were all the Perugian dancers no matter from which of the numerous Tango schools but also a lot of new faces, music lovers sponsors and their guests and of course the local prominence.

And we were not disappointed. The four musicians  declared Tango Nuevo specialists (though of course they have all kinds of Tangos in their musical repertoire) played own compositions, some classical Tangos like for instance El Choclo but mainly Piazzola.

The special thing about this was that they didn´t only play Piazzola pieces, a challenge in its own right, but gave them their very own  stamp.

I think this is due to the fact that Esteban Morgado is a guitar player and therefore not tempted to simply imitate Piazzolas masterly bandoneon playing.

Sometimes  I rather felt like being in an Al di Meola Concert when Esteban stressed his guitar to its very limits.

Interesting but not really my taste were the Tango Adaptions of Sting and Queen songs (there I prefer the original versions and the voice of Freddy Mercury simply can´t be imitated) absolutely fantastic however all the Piazzolas.

Great that the cuarteto´s interpretation made it possible to dance to most of the pieces (some required to listen only) though for Tango purists dancing to Piazzola of course is way out of the limits:-)

We all enjoyed a great evening due also to the very special setting in the ballroom of the castle.

So, when the Esteban Morgado Cuarteto plays somewhere near your place don´t miss it.

P.S. Actually this very evening was presented the new cd of the group. Unfortunately they were all sold out before I could buy one. Yet somehow I will get it and report…

P.P.S.  Mille grazie to EL Bandoneon, Lorenzo, Lorenza and Marzia. You did a great job.

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