Tango with fun. Do you want to become a better Tango dancer? Well, then…

Tango with fun. Do you want to become a better Tango dancer?  Well, then…

Tango with Ricky Barrios and Laura Melo. Dance Tango with a laugh.  photo: rogaia

Tango with Ricky Barrios and Laura Melo. Dance Tango with fun and a laugh. photo: rogaia

Tango, a “sad thought you can dance”?

Maybe, but not all the time…

It has been a while now that I saw Ricky Barrios and Laura Melo dance Tango for the first time.

That was in a restaurant in the country side a little bit outside of Perugia at the fairwell milonga of a Tango workshop.

Many Perugian Tango dancers had told me already, that Ricky and Laura were very spezial Tango dancers and Tango teachers.

So of course I was curious to see them dance.

I have to admit though that I didn´t have to big expectations, given that I had seen already a lot of Tango shows with excellent dancers.

What I was allowed to experience then however really blew me away and changed drastically my way to see and dance Tango.

It was clear from the very first moment. Ricky and Laura had incredible fun dancing doing their little Tango show.

Both stepped on the dance floor, started dancing, laughing, literally beaming with joy.

That laugh, that joy was intoxicating, infectious and it was real not played, no professional laugh just for the show. Pure pristine happiness. “Tango, a sad thought…” By no means.

Already after the first Tango the complete audience was excited. Me too.

What happened to me then? I don´t know how to say it.

Even before that day I hadn´t been a particularly sad or melancholic person.

But Ricky´s and Laura´s laughter, their happiness while dancing, their ease changed something inside of me, had something incredibly liberating.

The quality of my Tango dancing was catapulted at least one level higher

That same night I started to dance tango better than ever. Only by watching, by feeling the positive energy that emanated from Ricky and Laura.

And no, that was not simply my subjective feeling, no conceit.

All the ladies I danced with that night and most of them I knew for a while, were pleasantly surprised noticing that I danced all at a sudden even more laid back and with more ease.

I´ve been often thinking about what happened to me that night watching Ricky and Laura.

Today I´d say I got a decent push by their positive energy and perceived with more clarity the importance of dancing Tango in a playful way and of making happiness and laughing very conscientously a part of my dance.

As I said before I have never been one of those do-or-die, melancholic Tango dancers.

But what I experienced that night was a completely new dimension of joy in Tango

If you want to experience this dimension, you have the opportunity to do so from

May 12, to May 19, 2012.

Then Ricky Barrios and Laura Melo will give an entire week of Tango lessons at Villa La Rogaia.

P.S. Why you should laugh while dancing Tango



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