Tango workshop with Siobhan Richards and Michael Lavocah at Villa La Rogaia, May 2012

Tango workshop with Siobhan Richards and Michael Lavocah at Villa La Rogaia, May 2012

From May 5 to May 12, 2012 one of the best Tango teacher couples from the United Kingdom, Siobhan Richards and Michael Lavocah will hold a Tango workshop at Villa La Rogaia.

Tango workshop with Shiobhan Richards and Michael Lavocah at Villa La Rogaia

Enjoy a Tango workshop and Tango holiday with Siobhan Richards and Michael Lavocah at Villa La Rogaia

If you have been dancing Tango for a while you certainly have realised one important thing.
Taking your tango dancing to the next level is not a matter of which or how many figures you dance than rather how you dance.
In this Tango workshop with Siobhan and Michael you will discover how you can improve your quality of movement and expression.
You will deepen and refine your connection with your partner and with the music. You will increase your pleasure in dancing Tango.

Siobhan and Michael have prepared for their Tango workshop  a special Tango training program which consists of two parts.
During the morning lessons of the Tango workshop they will focus on the fundamentals of dancing Tango together:
Body awareness, balance, grounding, posture, the embrace, and the ‘how’ of creating elegant and fluid movements without stiffness or tension.
During the afternoon lessons of the Tango workshop Siobhan and Michael will help you to get a profound understanding of an often neglected but very interesting genre of Argentine Tango – the Milonga.
They will build up each lesson step by step from the absolute basics to more complex traspie combinations in an effective, self-contained course.
Dancing Milonga is real fun and after this workshop you will never again feel insecure dancing Milonga let alone feeling you have to leave the dance floor cause you don´t know how to dance it.
Siobhan and Michael give regularly Tango workshops at Argentine Tango events across the UK and Europe. They’re known for their gentle, humorous, patient approach to their students and they are at their best with this type of concentrated, intimate teaching in a small group.

Their aim at their Tango workshop at Villa La Rogaia, is to help you to develop your dancing in a relaxing, supportive environment.
They both firmly believe that the more you can relax and enjoy your dancing the better it gets.
Last not least Michael is also a Tango DJ.
He knows Tango music inside out and brings this depth of knowledge with humour, passion and clarity into his Tango lessons. For you this means you will receive a deeper understanding of Tango music in this Tango workshop.

P.S. From the United Kingdom there are several convenient flights to Perugia, Umbria. not far from Villa La Rogaia. So it is very easy and affordable to attend the Tango workshop if you come from the UK.

P.P.S. Here you can watch a video with Siobhan and Michael dancing at a Tango workshop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7wjB7hour0

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