The Tango Talker

The Tango Talker, priceless advice for all YOU Tango addicts

The Tango Talker, priceless advice for all YOU Tango addicts

How to become a tangodancer who really attracts attention:

Seven dead sure tips


Ignore the music. You don´t really want to bother about such unimportant things as rhythm and melody, do you?


Don´t care for your dance partner. Okay, you need her as nice accessory, but caring for harmony while dancing is completely unneccessary. Remember it´s YOU who shows her the ropes.


Use every dance to explain to your dance partner what she still needs to improve. It´s YOU who knows exactly how to dance right and she should be happy and grateful to profit from your indefinite store of knowledge.


Make use of your arms excessively to lead your partner. A little dragging and pushing does no harm. If she has got a really good balance she will cope with it without problems


Dance ad libitum against the direction of the dance and across the dance floor. The other couples will make way happily once they have realized that it is healthier to get out of your way.


Start your sequences of steps always with a large backstep. The other dancers shall understand as quickly as possible that a top dancer like YOU needs space all around himself.


Learn sequences of steps and figure combinations strictly by heart and do not deviate from them, come hell or high water. Improvisation is for people who don´t know what they want.

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