Watch the Tango orchestras

Watch the Tango orchestras!?

So what? Shouldn´t we rather listen to them?

Yes, of course we should listen, but somtimes it is helpful to watch them perform to get a better understanding of the music.

Look, as tango dancers we are part of the orchestra, “We paint the music with our feet.” – as Carlos Gavito says.

I might add: We paint the music as well with our posture, our expression with our way to communicate with our dance partner and the other dancers.

Therefore we must be aware what happens, when an orchestra performs. We must understand which instruments are playing, which are staying silent. We must learn to recognise the little surprises the orchestra has prepared for us dancers. Surprises that make our dance richer, more interesting. – If we notice and dance them.

So here are two examples of Juan D´Arienzo conducting his orchestra. You can see which instruments are in the focus, which instruments add energy and power to the music. But be also aware of the pauses, the “moments of stillness” as Steve Morrall calls them.

First is “Loca”


And here the world´s most famous tango “La Cumparsita”. Enjoy the energy and playfulness of “El rey del compas”, “The king of the rhythm”.

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