Why you should laugh, or at least smile when dancing Tango

Why you should laugh, or at least smile when dancing Tango

Tango lessons, dancing Tango is much easier when we are laughing

One of the important Tango lessons. Dancing Tango is much easier when we are laughing while we are dancing.

I noticed that I am dancing Tango much better when I laugh or at least have a smile on my lips.

I´m a curious guy.

So of course I asked myself, why does this happen, why do I better dance Tango, when I laugh?

Well, and I found, the answer isn´t so difficult in the end.

Laughing does good and is relaxing. And when we are relaxed and in a good mood of course we also move with ease.

Eveything gets easier.

This is true also for dancing Tango.

But there is another reason why laughing helps us to improve when we are dancing Tango.

This has to do with the posture we need for dancing Tango.

Want to know more? Okay, then just make this little experiment.

Plant yourself fiirmly on the floor,  head beetween your shoulders.

Hunch your shoulders and duck your head as if to protect it from a blow. Do all this nicely tense.

If you prefer to do so you can also droop your head, like someone who is exhausted or deeply depressed.

Okay, and now try to laugh, while keeping this position.  Not just a tired chucle, but a roaring laughter, loud, cheerful, happy…

I don´t know how you are doing but I don´t succeed in doing this.

After few moments I think it´s so absurd, so ridiculous, I start to laugh about myself.

But not with my head ducked beetween my shoulders.

I can´t help, I have to straighten up for laughing, head high, taking a deep breath, throwing my arms up.

When I´m finally stop laughing, gasping for breath, relaxed but with my body still upright, I notice I´m standing there with a good relaxed posture, ready for dancing Tango.

Head and body drawn up to full height, shoulders relaxed, still laughing internally and ready for the embrace.

Since I have found out this I use the “trick” with the laughing actively while I am dancing Tango.

Of course it happens also to me that my head and body start to sink down, when I´m dancing Tango with a lady smaller than me (or with an exciting perfume:-) or when I am concentrating strongly on the music.

When I find myself doing this I switch on deliberately my internal laugh.

And behold!

My head moves up. My body moves up. I am in a good posture for dancing Tango again.

Try it! Most probably it will help you dancing Tango.

At least when you do it, you are not one of those (to many) people who are making grumpy faces while dancing Tango.

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