Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez at Villa La Rogaia

The first time we saw Ariadna and Fernando was at the “ChocoTango Festival” in Perugia.

Until then the only thing we knew about them was that Ariadna is the daughter of Olga Besio, a world famous tango dancer and ballet director, and Gustavo Naveira, the probably best known living tango dancer, tango choreographer and co-founder of the Tango Nuevo movement. And we knew that Ariadna had been dancing with her brother Federico at tango shows and festivals for many years. About Fernando we knew almost nothing, except the fact that he and Ariadna are also a couple in real life.

It is always somewhat unfair to measure children against their famous parents. But of course we asked ourselves how both would do in comparison to Ariadna´s father Gustavo Naveira which we have known for many years already.

Long story short: We weren´t disappointed. Quite the contrary, we were stoked by their show: Sparkling, funny and yet absolutely virtuoso. On highest technical level but so relaxed you almost wouldn´t realise how difficult their dancing really was. Their humorous style of dancing is unique, completely unmistakeable. They don´t need to fear the comparison with anybody else! No wonder the audience in Perugia didn´t let them go before doing several encores.



Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez
Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez

What people feel after seeing Ariadna and Fernando dancing has been described nicely by a tango blogger :

“You can get hooked by this”

Here is another short to the point description of Ariadna and Fernando in a review from the Erfurt Tango Festival:

“Their classes are outstanding due to their profound knowledge of the dance and its movements. They have a deep understanding of the structures of the classical tango and a humouros and friendly way of teaching. There is a reason why they have firmly established themselves in the international tango scene. In their shows their elegance and grace accompanied by a witty sense of musicality will take your breath away…”

There is nothing we could add to this apart from “That´s right !”

If you are an advanced level tango dancer, the workshop with Ariadna and Fernando certainly is something you don´t want to miss !

Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez. And here two videos…

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