Good old Mirada and good old Cabeceo

Good old Mirada never becomes old or outdated

Actually I thought the question who invites to dance at Argentine Tango has been settled once and for all.

However seeing all the discussions in Tango lists and forums questions it seems to be a permanent issue.

But fear not! I bring you good news.

After all we are lucky, because we still have good old Mirada and good old  Cabeceo, two immortal dancers who already have lived at the Golden Age of Tango.

These two get along with each other very well and dance together every night. They are very elegant, flirt nicely, and know how to invite the other one (fairly successfully as you will notice).

They do all this without ever being annoying, without ever losing faces.

I think we really can learn something from these two seasoned dancers. What do you think?

Oh, by the way, good old Mirada knows, that good old Cabeceo is a little cocky. Therefore she leaves him in the belief, that he is taking the initiative.

Of course that´s not true.

If she wouldn´t give him a glance, a “mirada”, he´d never dare to invite her to dance.

Of course he knows this, but he´s not very eager to concede it openly.

Besides, …if he wouldn´t glance back, if he wouldn´t nod…

But anyway…

Mirada and Cabeceo in Argentine Tango. Invite to dance with a glance, a smile, a gentle nod of your head or a wink of the eye. Flirt a little and then start to dance. When I think of Mirada and Cabeceo I can´t help seeing my friends Walter and MariLynne Kane before my inner eye. Somehow the two of them for me are the personification of this elegant and witty game. I fyou want to know more aboutt them google Los Tangringos and Hudson River Valley.

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