Question to all ladies who dance tango: What do you expect from the men you dance with?

What do you expect from a good dancer?

So, what do YOU think? what makes a man a good tango dancer?

So, what do YOU think? what makes a man a good tango dancer?

Talking with Tango dancers I often have the impression that women value and expect completely different things than their dance partners believe.

Therefore my question to all ladies who dance tango:

What do you expect from a good tango dancer?

What should a tango dancer do, or not do to make you feel comfortable while dancing?

Which tango dancers are the best for you?

I am already curious to see your answers, and I can imagine other men are curious as well…


Just write your opinion in the comment box below.

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Mostly nice, patient, humorous, ecoconscious, good tango dancer and tango teacher
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8 Responses to Question to all ladies who dance tango: What do you expect from the men you dance with?

  1. Svetlana says:

    Partner should be ready for dialog.

    If I feel that he just demonstrates how great he is using me as a doll, it does not matter how great he really is:-) He is not my choice next time.

    I want my partner to be WITH me.
    It can be three steps he is doing but FOR me and WITH me. I want to be heard, to have opportunity to say what I feel about the music. So, basically it is respect to me what I am seeking for in the partner.

    After the respect is built up I would like partner to surprise me:-) In good way:-) To play with the melody or beat, to add some cherry on the cake.
    Even one is enough for whole tanda, that´s what makes it unforgettable.

    And of course I expect my partner to follow tango etiquette. Starting from clothes up to bringing me back to table after tanda.

  2. joachim says:

    That’s a fine and subtle and eloquent explanation and i think that a vast majority of tangueras would sign the statement.

    When you go for the beef it comes down to “be polite, listen carefully to what she wants, don’t overdo.” and what a surprise – that’s exactly what tangueros expect from a lady. it sounds so easy to perform ;-)

  3. Ursula says:

    What do you (as a woman) expect from your tango partners ?

    First I decided not to write anything about the subject, because this is a very individual and subjective thing and might cause a lot of discussion. But Wolfgang asked me personally to do so, so I changed my mind.

    Here are my thoughts about it:

    When I first read Wolfgangs facebook post, the common things came to mind like cabeceo, nice embrace, good axis, musicality, willing to follow the ronda, a suitable technical basis.., all these things, nothing special.

    Then I realized, that there are a number of dancers who definitely master all this stuff and nevertheless I´m not that enthusiastic about dancing with them. And I asked myself: Why? There are dancers I prefer dancing with even when their dancing skills and technique are not that mellow. Neither are mine. There are always miles to go to become a better ´milonguera´.

    So what do I expect – or better: What do I hope ? Here some points that for me personally are important to have a good tango experience:

    If I decide to accept an offer to dance, Im willing to fully relate to that person for the next 15 minutes. That´s what I expect from my dancing partner as well. Be aware that asking someone to dance equals to offering a 15-minutes relationship…

    This means: make a connection to the music AND to me. Its said that men can do only one thing at a time, but I know by experience that it´s not true. Listen to the music and listen to my body language. Respond. So do I. I try to read your body.

    Don´t think about how you look, who watches you dancing, don´t analyze why certain steps don´t work
    (therefore are tango classes and practicas, not a milonga), don´t muse about whether I meet your or you meet my dancing level or not.
    Stop thinking and start feeling. The woman in your arms will notice!

    Don´t talk while dancing. Let your body talk, that´s enough.

    But -yes, try to make a nice verbal contact between the songs. That´s a living person you are dancing with, not a roboter. Make a joke (humour is a beautiful thing…), a nice comment, a compliment, take her back to her seat and your milonguera will be happy.

    If you are not so fond of words, a sincere smile or a hug will also do. Tell your dance partner when you definitely loved dancing with her. Probably she knows already (women are good body language readers..) , but it is always lovely if somebody can also put his emotions in words.

    Dont try to be superman. Don´t try to impress with crazy steps, don´t dance for yourself.

    Musicality is fine, but be aware, that not only YOU (even if you think you are the most gorgeous dancer in the room) likes to play with the music. Maybe your partner wants to participate in the play, don´t shut her out.

    Generally, dancing with attention seekers , narcissists and super heroes isn´t fun. Fight against any attacks of megalomania. You might be a perfect match for some dancers – for others you are not.

    Being a good dancer doesn´t mean that you can behave like an egocentric spoiled child. I definitely do not enjoy dancing with people of that kind, regardless of their skills. You may end up sitting on the VIP sofa all night, waiting for your dancing queen…

    On the other end – if you are a beginner, watch other people dance -and come to the conclusion, that you look like a ridiculous dancing walross, don´t feed your inferiority complexes, don´t hide away in a corner and suffer.

    Dancing skills are just one aspect of you, that might make you a agreeable, desirable member of a milonga. If you behave like a nice, empathetic, open minded person – that you probably are in other contexts of your life , most milongueras will join you for a tanda.

    I think I ended up writing more about interpersonal mechanisms than about tango -specific issues. I´m sorry for that, but maybe this happens because tango IS a very close interpersonal experience and not only a question of technical details. At least I experience it like that and Iove it.

    Thanks to Wolfgang for bringing up the subject and trying to decipher the milongueras minds and thanks to all the beautiful dancers/persons (men and women) I have met during my tango journey.