Tango in the midst of olive groves


Tango in the midst of olive groves

Sheep bells from the opposite hill. A cloud of white dots sets in motion, disperses between the olive groves’ silver splotches. Silence. Only the singing of the cicada fills up the flickering air. The monotonous chirping is broken by single new sounds. Yoom, bah, yoom, bah. Pugliese sounds over the terrace, the rose beds, becomes entangled in the treetops, vanishes over the hills into distant spaces. Couples finding each other, steps, turns, pausing and starting again.

Tango-Workshop in Umbria. Although not situated as remote as an Argentine hacienda, it is still far away from any hectic pace and noise. Completely forget your everyday life You will find yourself in a little paradise, once you have driven the bumpy road to La Rogaia to its very end. Two old stone houses embedded in a large garden, surrounded by blooming lavender and rose fields, olive groves and meadows. The guests are welcomed to lovely renovated apartments and rooms. Each apartment has its own characteristic style: simple and modern with marble and glass or playfully nostalgic with arch stucco and old pieces of furniture. You will discover a lot of nice details like paintings, sculptures, fresh flowers from the garden, the bottle of wine on the kitchen table. The well-considered arrangement of apartments within the compound of La Rogaia will make you enjoy lots of privacy. The garden offers numerous hidden terraces and corners. And those of you who want to refresh your feet tired by the tango can do so at the pool, whilst glancing over the rolling hills of Umbria, listening into the silence.

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2 Responses to Tango in the midst of olive groves

  1. rogaia says:

    Dear Debbie, dear Steve,

    thank you very much for your nice comment. Please also feel free to tell us what information you and your tango community would like to find on this blog.
    Kind regards

  2. Villa Rogaia is a very special place. It has been a joy and a privilege for us to teach there for the last four years. We are tango nomads and have danced tango in many places around the globe, but none have the special magic that you find here as guests of Annette and Wolfgang.

    This year we are returning in September to run a musicality course for confident tango dancers who want to ‘dance with their ears and their hearts’.
    I will have my bandoneon with me and will play live music during the classes as we explore the language of tango music.

    I will bring my life’s experience in music, creative arts and drama to take dancers on a fun and engaging musical journey I hope they will never forget.

    The 18 hours of lessons over the week will include:

    Hearing the moments of choice:
    A creative dance, like a successful conversation is built on knowing when to speak and when to listen.

    Meaning in motion:
    Stillness, movement, and the story in between. How to internalise rhythm and slow our dance down.

    Music in our hearts, not our toes:
    The heart answers first if only we knew how to listen.

    You say po-TAY-toe, I say po-TAR-toe:
    Learning how each dancer can react to different stimuli, different voices in the music.

    With hugs to Annette and Wolfgang. Looking forward to seeing you all in September 12 – 19.

    Steve and Debbie Morrall