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I´m looking forward to hear about your events


On this page you can announce your milongas, practicas, festivals or concerts.

Please write who you are which event you organize the location of the event (possibly with a description how to arrive there) and the date of the event.

Please keep in mind to give the readers of this blog the most relevant information about your events.

Please don´t make your announcements excessively but with common sense. You don´t want to bore or upset people, do you?

Apart of that I beg your pardon, if your posting is not always published immediately because I have to edit it first (therefore make your announcements timely please:-).


So, let´s give it a go

I am really curious to hear from you…


P.S. I am no tech freak and up to now have no  sophisticated idea how to do this better. In plain English that means if you want to announce something simply hit the “Leave a comment” button.

P.P.S. And of course I am happy if you link back to this blog!


2 Responses to Your events on

  1. Walter Kane says:

    Thanks, Wolfgang.

    I’ll put some of our activities into your blog. Don’t know how many dancers from across the world might come to the Hudson Valley to dance, but at least they’ll know we are here.


    • rogaia says:

      Hello Walter,
      You know, that La Rogaia is in the middle of the Italian countryside, not as remote as an Argentine hacienda but not exactly in the town center of Perugia. Yet you may be astonished how many people find their way to our milongas who drop in coming from far away being on a holiday and having heard about us. Actually as you probably have experienced yourselves, tango dancers are addicted and are always searching for an opportunity to dance while they are traveling. So it might happen some nice Italian will show up at your milonga some day:-)
      Kind regards

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